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Hosted by former NBA star and author Rashad McCants, The Transition Podcast highlights personal, professional and spiritual growth in individuals that embody the perseverance, inspiration and dedication to overcome obstacles and challenges in today’s society. Rashad gives us his insights on current events while giving personal testimonials on how he has Transitioned in life from a man to a God. 


From mental awareness, sports pyshcology, financial literacy and spiritual enlightenment; Rashad uses this podcast to explore the testimonials of former athletes, entrapranuers, entertainers, and hard working everyday citizens and how they overcome challenges and roadblocks that require a complete transition during the journey. 

September 24

Cole Patterrson

Talks film directing for the first time, the skin care industry and relationships in the black community. 

September 27th

Charles Collins 

Talks sustainable gardening and the passion behind his astronomy. 

September 29th

Jeremiah Haylett

Talks beings a sports agent and law attorney and what it takes to pick up clients in 2021. 

October 1st

Adrianna Rubio 

Talks being a laughter yoga instructor and energy healer and shares some personal testimonials of perseverance. 


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